The Void Lions: Introduction and History

There are some Space Marine chapters that are so defined by the peoples from which they were created and the world on which those peoples lived; that their true history began millennia before the chapters official founding. Tied intrinsically to the plight of the mortal half of their lineage, chapters such as these become the embodiment of their ancestors dream of survival and vengeance, their prayers to the Emperor made flesh. In some cases, these chapters become the sole reason for their peoples continued existence, whereas they would have otherwise been lost to the indifferent eyes of history and time. This is the story of the Leonicine Inatrii, the Void Lions; those tribal Adeptus Astartes who hailed from the Jungle Death World of Zulup IX and hunt the Great Devourer within the Emperor’s domain in eternal war because of it.

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Battlezone: Evolvis Prime

In the Eastern Fringe, the Planet designated 1218 GAM, also known as ” Evolvis Prime” is being contested by Imperial forces. Several companies of the Zulupian Predators Astra Militarum Regiment have been deployed across the jungle planet in efforts to secure Mechanicus ruin sites and possibly uncover secret technologies from the Great Crusade. However, the […]

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Inquisitors Review #2

Hello Inquisitors! For this weeks review I have some cool new art, projects and updates to share with you all! Without further delay, lets get into it! The Zulupian White Lion I contacted the artist Liam Hammond, who has done a large portion of the available Void Lion Artwork, to share with him an idea […]

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Void Lions: Names

I realized that in talking about the Void Lions, I use a variety of terms that are seemingly used interchangeably, and so I decided to write a brief blog about each of the names and the context they are used in as well as the significance behind them. Zulupian A Zulupian is someone who was […]

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Inquisitors Review #1

Orbital Station Assault Hello Inquisitors! This weeks review begins with a recent commission that was made by Servitor Artist on Instagram! I saw that they were really detailed in their work and specialized in large battle scenes that were full of depth. Once I gathered the funds to commission, I was able to contact them […]

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The Void Lions Chapter-Tribe

Who are the Void Lions? The Leonicine Inatrii or ” Void Lions” in low gothic, are a fleet based chapter of Adeptus Astartes created during the 23rd Sentinel Founding under the name of the Leonicine Praestes or ” Lion Guards”. The Lion Guards once had a homeworld, the Jungle Death world Zulup IX deep within […]

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Greetings, I am Inquisitor Hunter Vuln, of the Ordo Xenos branch of the Emperor’s Holy Order of the Inquisition. I reside somewhere adrift in the Eastern Fringe of the Imperium Nihilus aboard my Inquisitorial Black Ship “Sword of Night”. An avid Xenobiologist and loyal servant of the Imperium of Man, I have studied the Xenos […]

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