The Corcyran Massacre (Part 1)

Nathan’s Space Sharks ready to rip and tear.

My friend Nathan and I wanted to play a game inspired by the “Corcyran Massacre”- a mysterious battle that occurred during the Badab War between the Executioners and the Carcharadons in which both forces deployed on Corcyra slaughtered each other in mutual annihilation. No one really knows why it happened and no one knows who actually won.

My friend Nathan and I wanted to create a story as to why it happened, with the Executioners being baited, ambushed and outnumbered by the Space Sharks and Important characters on the Executioners being killed- thus sparking the inspiration for the Massacre. But that’s not how the game went. Though the Carcharadons took an armoured approach, the Executioners had superior firepower and fast attack assets which turned the favor of the battle to them.

The Executioners “won” this battle, but in narrative, no one wins this fight in the end. Both sides violate eachother brutally and no one claims victory. This game was 1350 points, using 7th edition rules and point cost, and took place at Studio Dakai.

Battle Report:

A small force Executioners landed on Corcyra to investigate the sudden lack of communications from militarum forces sent to interrupt the smuggling trades there which resupplied the tyrants legion.

Upon arriving, the executioners found the slaughtered carcasses of militia forces displayed crudely and elaborately. Understanding that they were baited into a trap, they prepared to face the Carcharadon Astra.

The Carcharadons advanced across the battle field, their Land Raider crusader approaching from the left of the Executioners position and a Rhino approaching frim the right, both with tactical squads within. Down the middle of the field, a Contemptor Mortis strode. Carcharadon Scout snipers covered the armored action, but were met with Sniper Fire from one of the Executioner Sniper Squads across the field. Shells flew overhead as the snipers from both sides attempted to eliminate eachother. The Executioner Land Raider Phobos moved into position its two twin lascannons targeting each of the enemy tanks. While the lasfire to the Crusade merely scratched paint off of its hull, the lascannon fire to the rhino utterly destroyed it, blowing it up and killing one of the marines inside in the process. The Executioner techmarine gunner fired the Thunderfire cannons at the revealed squad, slaughtering more marines with explosive shells causing the survivors of the enemy squad to flee from their position temporarily as the regained morale. The Carcharadon Contemptor shredded the majority of the executioners sniper team, causing he unit to flee from the field. With the right side of the field clear of threat, the Executioner tactical squad emerged from the Land Raider Phobos, congregating around their chaplain for a rousing battle canticle. A second executioner squad emerged from their position behind stacked crates and began firing at the enemy snipers.

The Executioners Contemptor unleashed a deadly salvo with its twin Kheres assault cannons and destroyed the Caracharadons Crusader Tank, forcing the Inhabitants out from within; a tactical squad and the Carcharadon Captain of the force. Executioner reinforcements arrived: a drop pod which opened, releasing a Vanguard Veteran Squad and a Land Speeder Storm, both deploying deep into enemy territory. Little did the Executioner Reinforcements know that Carachardons were deployed where they had arrived. A tactical squad of Carachardons opened up on the arriving Executioner Vanguard veteran squad, cutting them down while themselves receiving plasma pistol fire, killing the majority of the squad in a hail of bolter fire and plasma cannon fury, causing the surviving Executioners to flee away to regain morale. While the Astra tactical squad would pay for their moment of might when the combined firepower of the Land Speeder Storm and Drop Pod would kill half their marines, the Land Speeder storm was immobilized by the pinpoint accurate fire of the Shark Devastator teams missile launchers positioned nearby. Once again the Executioners were baited, and they were paying dearly for it. However, the Speeder was only immobilized but still in the fight, and would continue firing until both the remaining Astra tacticals and the Devastators were eliminated from the battlefield, the prior being slaughtered and the latter being forced to flee.

On the Executioners side of the battlefield, blood-hungry Carchardon tactical marines charged into the remaining executioners sniper team. On seeing this, the Executioner tactical squad joined in the fight. The sergeants of each squad challenged eachother, killing eachother in mutual annihilation as their squads fought around them. The Executioners won the brutal melee that followed, chopping the Astra down and removing the heads from their foes bodies. The Carcharadon captain attempted to charge the Executioner techmarine but failed, leaving himself vulnerable to fire from multiple sides. With the swiftness of an Oceanic predator, the Caracharadon captain managed to dodge point blank fire from a thunderfire cannon and grav pistol as well as twin lascannon, twin heavy bolter and Storm bolter shots from the Land Raider phobos, making his way into close combat with the Executioners techmarine gunner who then swiftly used his servo arm to dispatch the Space Shark commander.

Seeking to avoid the devastation of the enemies Contemptor mortis, the Executioner tactical squad embarked onto their Land Raider phobos, entrusting its machine spirits to make short work of the ancient- but this was trust misplaced. The Contemptors armored chassis resisted the tanks fire and returned fire of its own. Rounds punched through the Executioner Phobos detonating its volatile inner workings and destroying the tank. The Executioners within emerged to be fired upon by the black-eyed Carcharadon snipers, one exposed Executioner tactical getting shot 4 times as he alerted his squad of the Snipers position. With no other option, the remaining Executioners charged the Contemptor, attaching grenades to its legs…

At this point in the battle, more Executioner Forces survived on the field than Carcharadon forces with only a contemptor and scout sniper squad to face off against the Remaining tacticals, techmarine with thunderfire cannon, remaining executioner snipers and Chaplain in terminator Armor. Hitting the Executioners position aggressively and reaping a tally from their enemy, the sharks withdrew from the battlefield like the aftermath wave of a Tsunami. The Executioners reconvened and called for reinforcements from the Fleet above. The Carcharadons had spilled blood, and would return for the kill. When they arrived, The Emperors Executioners would be ready.

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