My Fafnir Rann model (mostly) done! I will be doing the shield separately because honestly, I don’t know if I want to attach it to him since I love his backpack so much. I might magnetize.

He is done in my metallic yellow scheme for my 30k Imperial Fists. Fafnir Rann is said multiple times to have black hair (and I don’t know what GW is on, painting it brown) so I painted it black with the white streak seen in art of him.

I painted the Tilting shield red with black axes because its the version of the symbol attributed to him. I painted the armor with black trim because it has black trim during the heresy.

Smaller Details:

1. Stone: I attempted to do a stone/ Marble finish on the ‘white’ of the Imperial Fists heraldry based on a decal on their transfer sheet. I really like it and will be doing this throughout my army.

2. Fafnir’s Ear: In art and on the model, Fafnir has a pipe bit connecting the side of his head around his ear, to his powerpack. Being that I used a different sculpt for his head and not wanting to bother with greenstuffing something, I imagined that the pipe is connected to the side of his head in that spot because he is missing an ear. Because the pipe is missing on this model, I cut off the sculpts ear leaving a hole as an visual explanation as to why the pipe was their in the first place. Not canon, but interesting.

3. Gunmetal Blue: Its hard to tell from the pictures, but the armorial at the top of his backpack; I painted in the same gunmetal blue I will be painting the Executioners for the Badab war.

I’m really happy with it and will do some small touchups on it over time!

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