Lord Volcidius Ranpur

A new Antagonist enters the Era Leonicine narrative and he’ll make you sick to your stomach!

Introducing Lord Volcidius Ranpur the Jocular, Deathflinger of the Glow, Seedsman of Corpses and Gardener of Worlds. He is a warlord of the ‘Carrion Hounds’ warband of the Death Guard Legion, and as far as he is concerned, he is the warlord of the Carrion Hounds. His infernal ambitions are to turn the humble citizenry of the Imperium- its very foundation- against the Imperium itself using generous distribution of his particular variant of the Pox known as “The Glow”. From world to world, system to system, he gathered corpses for his army of the dead…

Next week, I will be sharing the rest of his warband, as well as going deeper into his narrative. Stay tuned, and watch out for The Glow!

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