The Pacificus Wars

Though my primary interests lie in the Eastern Fringe, recently my interests have wandered into the possible conflicts happening in the Segmentum Pacificus, and this interest started with understanding the history and filling in the blanks in the history of the Ogdobekh Dynasty. My analysis of the Ogdobekh Dynasty will be another blog, and I will be publishing it soon!

Just a bit of forewarning: “The Pacificus Wars” is not an official GW-sanctioned Warhammer 40k narrative. While all of the factions and events that I say did happen are a part of the actual lore for 40k, the parts where I assume and say “maybe” or “perhaps” are my own assumptions about what could have or is happening, based on that information. So, at best consider this a bit of creative interpretation of holes in the lore, however, I did put a lot into researching and trying to piece things together! I hope that this is a good read, regardless. With that out of the way, lets get into it!

There are three dominant Necron Dynasties in the Segmentum Pacificus: the Sarnekh, the Thokt and the Ogdobekh. Out of these three, The Thokt are the most powerful, their crownworld of Meghoshta being known as the “Cradle of War”, with small planetoid weapon platforms protecting the many coreworlds of its dynasty. The Sarnekh are the most dangerous, led by Thaszar the Invincible, known as the ” Pirate King” who has turned the crownworld of the Sarnekh- Zappenec- into ” The Reaveworld” and is hellbent on raiding. The Ogdobekh Dynasty are inbetween these dynasties, not aggressively expansionist or raider-like as the Sarnekh and not with the strength of the Thokt, the Ogdobekh seem to focus on maintaining possession of what territory they have and are powerful in terms of tomb systems and canoptek constructs/ their technological mastery.

It is not unreasonable to assume that here is conflict between these dynasties. The Thokt are the most powerful, however to the Sarnekh, The next best thing to raid would be another Dynasty. Assaults against the Thokt would end tragically for the Pirate King, who is low on assets and literally had to salvage wreckage from the debris clouds that sourround his crownworld and so the Ogdobekh are the next best thing. The Pirate King become the Phaeron of his own dynasty when he hacked into his dynasties throneworld system and made himself the Phaeron of it and his dynasty, so that is a real threat to Anathrosis of the Black Star ( Phaeron of the Ogdobekh) and his dynasty. It is no coincidence that Anathrosis made sure his tombworlds had triple layered protection. Perhaps this conflict is why the Ogdobekh focus so much on defence and the strength of their tomb systems and constructs. Their focus on defence likely started against the Eldar who previously attacked the nearby Sarnekh in such numbers that their throneworld was shrouded by the debree of that conflict ( and still is shrouded). The Ogdobekh were likely also attacked by the eldar, but now the threat is possibly another dynasty. This is likely the reason why the Ogdobekh are not mentioned alot in the lore even though they have been around since 5th edition. They are the closest necron dynasty to Terra and could be its biggest necron threat, but they likely do not leave their dynastic territory and focus more on defence than anything else. Anathrosis is known for his Paranoid streak, but having a Dynasty of Pirate necrons led by a crownworld- hacking Overlord bent on raiding does nothing but give reason for it. Speaking of crownworld-hacking, unlike that of the Sarnekh and Thokt, the crownworld of the Ogdobekh is unknown. This is likely done on purpose and the Pirate King is likely a reason why- along with destroying throneworlds being the best way to cripple a dynasty, which Anathrosis has always been paranoid about.

There are imperial forces in the Segementum Pacificus, the Imperial System of Vordrast under the protection of “Prescience”, a Star Keep of the Allarus Custodes brotherhood known as the Gilded Fist. Their responsibility is Vordrast, so in typical custodes fashion, they likely do not care or engage with the Xenos Wars happening around them, however they have come into conflict with the Dark Eldar, who attempted a sinister construction on Othana V. The Gilded Fist won the battle but some Custodes also went missing when the xenos retreated.

The fact that Vordrast is an Imperial held system and Othana V is a mining world, vaguely suggests that there are human imperial forces in Vodrast as well, but no information exists on them if any. There are also humans on Zappenec, the Throneworld of the Sarnekh Dynasty- as well as on many of its remaining coreworlds- but the Pirate King Ignores them because he doesn’t acknowledge them as sentient beings. Which gives more reasoning to theory that the Pirate King is attacking other Necrons rather than humans.

There is also a Watch Fortress of the Deathwatch, just outside of the Ogdobekh territory, called Fort Obsidus. However, it is classified as being located in the Segmentum Solar, so for the purpose of this blog it will be excluded, though there is no doubt that the marines of Fort Obsidus likely come into conflict with the Ogdobekh.

Besides on the necron coreworlds, and in the Vordrast System, there are likely more human civilizations throughout the Pacificus, but they are likely unclaimed by the Imperium, techno-primitive and deep in hostile xenos territory, as no other imperial held systems appear on maps of the area besides Ultima Macharia, which was the furthest into the Segmentum Pacificus that the Malcharius Crusade went, is a shrine world and is well away from the three dynasties mentioned earlier . Macharia also exists and is a shrine world and bosts a large population with regular pilgrims, however, it too is away from the territories of the necron dynasties mentioned earlier and is technically a part of the Uhulis Sector, classified as part of the Segmentum Tempestus. Interestingly, within the boundaries of the Ogdobekh Dynasty territory are two warpstorms known as the Gate of Fire, and their have been reports of demonic incursions near them. The existence of these reports suggest that their are other Imperial forces in the Segmentum, likely Rogue Traders or Expeditionary Fleets, but also that the humans in these areas are fighting demons.

Necron Dynasties at war with eachother. An isolated Imperial System watched over by the Allarus Custodes of the Gilded Fist. Techno-primitive tribes living sorrounded by xenos and fighting demons. All of this would be super interesting for GW to go more into detail with. Unfortunately the Segmentum Pacificus is not where the focus or action is for GW.

To be honest, piecing this together has inspired me to collect models to represent this. Im resisting the urge to buy some Allarus Custodes and Drukhari to represent the conflict in Vordrast, or to paint my remaining necrons in the color of the Sarnekh Dynasty for some Ogdobekh vs Sarnekh action. I may still do this…but for now, writing about it will have to satisfy the itch.

Thank you for reading! The Emperor Protects.

Inquisitor Hunter Vuln,

Ordo Xenos, Fringe Conclave.

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