Battlezone: Evolvis Prime

Sergeant Mandla and his squad of Veteran Zulupian Predators

In the Eastern Fringe, the Planet designated 1218 GAM, also known as ” Evolvis Prime” is being contested by Imperial forces. Several companies of the Zulupian Predators Astra Militarum Regiment have been deployed across the jungle planet in efforts to secure Mechanicus ruin sites and possibly uncover secret technologies from the Great Crusade. However, the task has proven arduous, as the planet hosts large populations of Ab Humanis or Abhumans, who in their ignorance wish to repel the Militarum forces. However, the primary enemy of the Imperial Forces on the planet are the Homo Sapiens Variatus, also known as Beastmen, who have long since fallen to the ruinous powers of Chaos. Though their weaponry is of a primitive sort, their numbers are superior to the Imperium’s on the planet and every month, a fort is overwhelmed by the foe. 

At the beginning of the campaign, 25 forts had been established across the world. Since then, 12 have fallen, leaving 13 struggling to hold the line. Due to warp storms, troop reinforcements from Se’lin Secondus- the void borne home of the Zulupian Predators- are delayed, forcing the forts still standing to take in the survivors of destroyed forts as a form of reinforcement. The world itself is a hostile environment, its variety of flora,  fauna and unique weather conditions  taking the lives of the guardsmen daily. It is by only the will of the Emperor and the natural resilience of the Zulupian Predators that the line continues to be held. 

The Zulupians are not alone. The priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus are also present in small detachments across the world at most forts to assist with the uncovering and securing of the ancient technologies buried in the worlds jungles. However they are just as isolated as the Zulupian regiments. 

Of the remaining bastions of hope left on the planet is Fort Candred, designated F:16. Company Commander Ermias leads the First Platoon of Militarum forces at this fort, and coordinates the activities in the rest of his remaining platoons at other Forts from that location. 

Commissar Duul

F:16 is one of the most heavily protected and well armed Forts on the world and is positioned at a crossroads at the center of multiple hostile Beastmen and other ab humanis territories. It also possesses one of the remaining operational landing pads on the world making it near invaluable asset. Company Commander Ermias leads a tight reign at Fort Candred and with good reason, for not a day goes by without incident. Assisting him are First Platoon Commander Dalo and Commissar Duul, who both instill discipline and readiness into the guardsmen of First Platoon. Being under the direct command and presence of the Company Commander Ermias, at one of the most important Astra Militarum Forts on the planet, the Guardsmen of First Platoon are driven to be the best. 

Company Commander Ermias and Haa-Kut, his bodyguard Ogryn.

Sergeant Mandla leads first veteran squad at Fort Candred and is a grizzled warrior of over a dozen battles across 4 campaigns in the Eastern Fringe. His talent for survival is matched by his killing prowess, and Zulupian Predators vie to be a part of his squad, to fight in the thickest battles and have deaths worthy of the Emperors favor. Like all Zulupians, his enthusiasm in the worst of circumstances illustrates his defiant spirit. However, Mandla is beginning to feel cursed to be amongst the living when so many of his men are in the Afterlife at the Emperors side. It seems that he is touched by invulnerability, and the longer he lives, the more a darkness of the spirit encroaches on him. He has never been one to question why things were the way they were- he did not need to. The life of a guardsmen was a simple one- follow orders, destroy the enemy, and die fighting- but Mandla begins to notice things about his regiment that will lead him on a path into the history of the Zulupian peoples, and an understanding as to why they were the regiment sent to Evolvis Prime. 

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