The Battle for Valkyria: Part Two

The Sisters of Battle called for aid, and the Space Wolves arrived to answer that call- from the Ice World of Fenris to the Ice World of Valkyria.

The battle begun swiftly, the Space Wolves- led by Logan Grimnar himself- raced across the battlefield and charged into combat with the necrons- led by Xeriphazt the Star Hunter, Regent of Tamar. It was a clash between a fast moving Chapter that excelled in close combat and a slow moving force of a Dynasty renowed for its use of canopteks on the battlefield. In true Ogdobekh fashion, the Canoptek Scarabs tied up several units of Space Wolves and even Self Destructed; taking out the mighty Ragnar Blackmane. The Heavy Destroyer had one purpose this game and it was to be a machine hunter. It climbed a building and hunted the space wolf flyer, shaving off 9 wounds with one round of shooting before it was destroyed in returning fire.

The Space Wolves were relentless, destroying three whole phalanxes of necron warriors, some of them multiple times before they wouldnt reannimate again. Arjac Rockfist, Champion of Grimnar, faced a 15 warrior horde of necrons with only his hammer and a depleted pack of Fenrisian wolves to assist him.

When the Monolith dropped from orbit it quickly became the target, the Wolves knowing its potential for providing reinforcements to their enemies lines. They fought through wave after wave of defending canoptek constructs before falling upon the Monolith in ferocious close combat, led by Grimnar. The Monolith was destroyed, exploding and causing no casualties to the Wolves. While this combat was occuring, Xeriphazt was the target of the flyers wrath, but using his warlord trait ( Skin of Living Gold) he shrugged off all the shots unharmed.

With the necrons forced into a tightening corner, the monolith destroyed and the Space Wolf Warlord not wounded and nearby; Xeriphazt was vulnerable to attack by the Space Wolves. Xeriphazt bodyguard of Deathmarks, the Canoptek Reanimator and the Technomancer all fired relentlessly into the approaching wolves leaving Grimnar unharmed and the Thunderwolf calvary wounded but not enough to stop them. Xeriphazt himself attempted to use his Tachyon Arrow against Grimnar but 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘥. He commanded the reanimator, his bodyguard of Deathmarks and Cryptek to stall the nearby Wolves warlord and accompanying calvary by going into close combat with them while he withdrew what forces he could; determining the battle to be lost.

The game officially ended in a draw due to warp storms (Weather and travel conditions) but narratively, the Wolves succeeded in delaying the necron advance towards the next Sisters of Battle Temple and weathering the necron forces down by several vital units. The third and final part of this battle will be a smaller game between the remaining necrons from this battle against the remaining Sisters of Battle of the Order of Our Martyred Lady.

Thank you for reading! Thank you to my friend Christian Serrano for the game and for being an awesome host!

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