The Era Leonicine: Season One Overview

Season One of the Era Leonicine has seen the Void Lions Space Marine Chapter engaged in a variety of conflicts across the Imperium of Man. After the Decimation War, during which the chapter reorganized itself according to the will of the High Lords; the Void Lions divided themselves into three separate “Tribes” or companies, each lead by one of the chapters mighty “Black-Maned” or captains. These captains had been chosen the traditional zulupian way, ritual combat that ended in the death of the loser-and by the end of it, no one else challenge these three champions of the Inatrii. It was these three marines who were designated by the Maned-King Himself Marsaak Isaayah, to each lead a third of the chapters strength in defense of large swathes of the Imperium of Man from their position at the boundary of the Segmentum Solar. Each Captain would be semi-autonomous, having the ability to recruit initiates from the Home Fleet at designated times.

Pict of the Maned-King Marsaak Isaayah

At the same time this was occurring, the Maned-King Marsaak Isaayah and his company of Inatrii Veterans who had undergone the rubicon procedure embarked upon a journey into the Segmentum Pacificus. Only those marines who embarked with him knew why he made that choice, and unfortunately it would be amongst his last.

Marsaak Isaayahs fleet found itself under the brutal attack of Necrons in that area of space. Though masters of void warfare, the Inatrii were overwhelmed and their fleet was destroyed. Only a handful of the newly ascended Primaris Void Lions escaped the destruction, and the Chapter Master of the Void Lions; The King of Lions Marsaak Isaayah was killed.

All of the Leonicine peoples were distraught at the developement. So mighty a warrior was he that had led what remained of their peoples after the destruction of their home system and had survived the genecurse of the inatrii, only to be killed by an enemy that prevented his people from ever speaking about his death; it not being against the ancient nemesis of the Leonicines. It was a blow to the morale of the Chapter as well.

However those Primaris Veterans who had survived the assault, brought back the Chapter Masters final wishes. That instead of being led by a single Chapter Master, the Void Lions were now to be led by three- the three captains who by right had won the ritual combats and who already lead their own companies of marines. Each was to become a Maned-King and face of the Leonicine Inatrii. This could not be refused, and the three captains- Pharoa Duri of the War Blades Tribe, Kamna’vur of the Long Spears Tribe and Bo’hma of the Falling Axes Tribe- accepted the responsibility.

The first unanimous decision of the new Chapter Masters was vengeance against the xenos that had killed Marsaak Isaayah and so many of their Veteran tribesmen. With assistance from the Ordo Xenos, it was discovered that the ancient Ogdobekh Necron Dynasty had been responsible. A portion of each of the three tribes were gathered along with the chapters human auxillia, the Zulupian Predators, and a retribution fleet made its way across the Segmentum solar into the Segmentum pacificus to attack one of the known tomb worlds of the Dynasty. The battle that followed would be known as the Assault on Tamar or “The War of Mockery”. After breaking through the tombworlds orbital defences, the Void Lions laid siege to the tomb world of Tamar with all of the fury of the White Lion. The casualties among the Void Lions were horrendous to say in the least, but the damage inflicted to Tamar was significant, its Regent and Primary overlord being slain in the conflict. With their vengeance released, the Void Lions made a fighting retreat from the Ogdobekh system. The Survivors would return to their respective tribes and the fallen Lions names were forgotten. The three Chapter Masters of the Void Lions would return the totality of their attention to the xenos threats within their own Hunting Grounds.

However, just as the death of Marsaak Isaayah gave rise to the three new Maned-Kings of the Void Lions chapter, providing it with new leadership- so too did the death of Tamars Regent. In its place, a new Regent was elevated to the position, an Overlord by the name of Xeriphazt the Star Hunter, also known as the Skittering Lord. Unlike the Overlords before him, Xeriphazt is expansionist and aggressive, making alliances with minor necron dynasties and seeking to expand the territory of the Ogdobekh well beyond its existing one, even at the risk of war with other, more powerful dynasties. The Assault on Tamar by the Void Lions was an wound to the Overlords Immortal Pride, and he vowed to seek out the chapter and destroy it. Thus the fate of the Ogdobekh Dynasty and Void Lions became intertwined, the Era Leonicine becoming about the Rise of Xeriphazt as much as it is about the Crusade of Lions.

The Sinoptek Dynasty, Allies to Regent Xeriphazt of the Ogdobekh Dynasty

Paths Recrossing

The Ogdobekh dynasty continues to defend its territory from interlopers in the segmentum pacificus. Along with being on a constant war footing against human forces due to their closeness to Terra, the Ogdobekh overlords seek to awaken dormant tomb worlds within their territory yet to be discovered. Though the assets of the Ogdobekh were more efficiently protected than those of many other Dynasties, the tides of time have eroded some of their Master Programs. Regent Xeriphazt himself has had to contest over yet-to-be-awakened tombworlds, not only from his competing overlords but from human and chaos forces alike. In his most recent engagement, Regent Xeriphazt himself led a force of Ogdobekh necrons against the Chaos space Marines of the Thousands Sons Legion who sought to take an Ogdobkeh Tomb World for themselves and their nefarious purpose.

The Void Lions of the War Blade Tribe have remained vigilant in their duty as Guardians of the Eastern Fringe under the leadership of their Maned King Pharoa Duri. Last season they found themselves entrenched in a conflict alongside other loyal forces against Chaos and Xenos forces in a hectic star system known as the Strife System, the Void Lions standing besides their allies the Space Wolves against the Tyranids of Hive fleet Kraken as well as the Tau and the Ogdobekh Necrons seeking to expand. The Sisters of Battle of the Order of Our Martyred Lady have fallen repeatedly under the Assualt of the Ogdobekh Necrons on the planet Valkyria within the strife system, the Void Lions recently prevented a Tendril of Hive fleet Kraken from finding its way back to the Strife System, the Space Wolves and Deathwatch battle the Tau for dominance of the system and there have been rumors of Death Guard and Daemons in the system being combated by the brotherhood of the Grey Knights.

Season Two of the Era Leonicine will follow the War Blade Tribe in their various conflicts, the continuation of the wars in the Strife System and the Rise of the Tamars new Regent Xeriphazt the Star Hunter.

Thank you for reading! The Emperor Protects and the Future is Successor!

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