The Void Lions Chapter-Tribe

Void Lion by the_wargaming_artist

Who are the Void Lions?

The Leonicine Inatrii or ” Void Lions” in low gothic, are a fleet based chapter of Adeptus Astartes created during the 23rd Sentinel Founding under the name of the Leonicine Praestes or ” Lion Guards”.

Zulup IX M34 by Inquisitor Isaniel

The Lion Guards once had a homeworld, the Jungle Death world Zulup IX deep within the Eastern Fringe, but according to available Imperial Records; the entire Zulup system was destroyed when its star went supernova during the latter half of M39. For a time, the Lion Guards were registered as a Lost Chapter; that is until a chapter would emerge from the Eastern Fringe claiming to be the survivors of the natural disaster. The chapter was led by a different Chapter Master, had changed its colors and heraldry and had changed its name to the Leonicine Inatrii or Void Lions. 

The Void Lions fleet, called The Great Pride, now patrols the edge of the Segmentum Solar in protection of Terra primarily from the Tyranid and Genestealer menace which the Void Lions collectively refer to as ” The Star Plague” and seek to eradicate. 

The Inatrii are dark, grim and tribal astartes whos chapter cult is one centered around war, death and sacrifice moreso than many other chapters. They view the Emperor as the god of humanity and death even before they are made Astartes, and those who are made into Space Marines are viewed as literal spirits of death. For reasons that are unknown to Imperial Scholars, the Void Lions recruit exclusively from their own peoples- the Zulupians- who reside upon a collection of ships known as the Home-Fleet or “Sel’in Secundus” and live in the semblance of normal life. Such a statement is said loosely, for the Zulupian culture is a complete war culture in which everyone is committed to the battle against xenos in protection of the Imperium. From a young age the Zulupians are taught the ways of war. After passing the rites of adulthood, the majority of the young males are recruited into the Void Lions chapter, while some of the young men and all of the young women are trained to join one of the two branches of the Zulupian Predators Astra Militarum Regiment- the Pride Guard or the elite Skeletal Host. 

Void Lion in Terminator Armor by SrJalapenyo

The Void Lions warfleet, called The Great Pride, is divided into three smaller fleets; each lead by a Maned-King or ” Chapter Master”. When the chapter was reintroduced back into the Imperium, it was led by one figure; The Maned-King Maarsak Isaayah. However, soon after, Isaayah was killed in a conflict against the Necrons of the Ogdobekh Dynasty and the Chapter has since reorganized.

Each “tribe” or individual fleet of the Great Pride has claimed vast areas of space as their “hunting grounds” in which the specific Maned-King’s tribe combat xenos. While they acknowledge and respect the established territories of the Imperium, they are extremely territorial towards each-other over the areas they consider to be their own. However, the chapter as a whole works together to achieve its tasks and missions. 

Perhaps the most mysterious aspect of the Void Lions besides the large swathes of time in their history that are simply unknown, are their origin in terms of Geneseed. Records indicate clearly that the Void Lions are gene-sons of Rogal Dorn, however that is under heavy scrutiny due to the appearance of the Astartes of the Chapter and their difference from other marines who share the same lineage. Many Void Lions vary in height and are taller, stronger and more heavily built than regular Space Marines. The yellow irises that all Zulupian people have, glow with a sinister light when in the dark as Adeptus Astartes. Their voices are extremely deep, and their cultural traditions- rarely witnessed due to the chapters isolationism- are primitive, brutal and based around the ancient zulupian practice of totemism on the Zulupian White Lion; a creature described to be the fighting spirit of the Zulupian peoples. 

Void Lion unarmored by Artist Potorochin

Unlike many other chapters ,there are very few Primaris marines in the Void Lion Chapter, and the Inatrii only become primaris through the rubicon procedure. The reason for this is as unknown as the chapter itself. 

The Void Lions primarily combat xenos, however their preferred enemy are the Tyranids. It is believed by many Imperial Scholars that there is no other chapter in the Imperium of Man which hunts the Tyranids with as much fervor and hate as the Void Lions.

Void Lion hunter artwork by Adrian Prado

The Era Leonicine and the Crusade of Lions

Narratively and simply put; the Era Leonicine began when the chapter was created in M37 and represents the history of the chapter from the perspective of the Ordo Xenos fringe conclave , a history that is still in the making. The Crusade of Lions represents the Void Lion Chapters participation in the Indomitus Crusade, and the introduction of primaris into the Chapter. Both of these Narratives are continued through battles on the tabletop.

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