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I am Inquisitor Hunter Vuln, of the Ordo Xenos branch of the Emperor’s Holy Order of the Inquisition. I reside somewhere adrift in the Eastern Fringe of the Imperium Nihilus aboard my Inquisitorial Black Ship “Sword of Night”. An avid Xenobiologist and loyal servant of the Imperium of Man, I have studied the Xenos species across the galaxy and have committed myself to understanding how they work and function, what their weaknesses are and how best to destroy them. My methods are considered radical by some of you, and my….affinity for Xenos trophy collecting places some of you on edge. However, it is indisputable that I am effective. The Imperium of Man is at constant threat not only from heretics within, and demonic entities underneath, but by alien incursion without. It is my duty to insure that the Imperium not fall to such violation and intrusion. I have continue to hold the line of defense here where many other Inquisitors have failed.

I still mourn the recent death of Inquisitor Esmerelda Valdan, who was also stationed in the Fringe and whose ship was destroyed by unfortunate and rather unknown means. Her work here was vital to the progress of the Order and I am sure we of the Fringe Conclave will make sure her legacy continues. It is her death that makes me transmit this message to you all. Though I have been doing my duty faithfully for over seven decades, I am still but a man. Augmentations will only be able to extend my life but so long and so I have decided to record my experiences and insights and share them with you all so they may be of use to you, even after I am gone. For my own discretion, my exact location will always be obscured, but as I have said before I reside in the Eastern Fringe, what could be called the final frontier of the Imperium of Man. There are many worlds and rich histories in this region of space largely unknown and unexplored by most, but due to the large presence of Xenos in this region, it is no wonder. Hive Fleet Kraken has multiple tendrils here, Tau colonies are expanding, Tomb worlds awakening and Ork WAAAGHs! spread and grow in strength with each passing day.

At my call to help me achieve my goals, I have the military might of the Void Lions Adeptus Astartes Chapter, a fleet based and darkly tribal chapter from the devoured world of Zulup IX led by their Chapter Masters, the Maned-Kings. The chapter committed itself to the fight against the Tyranids since before it’s official inception and its fleets patrol the boundaries of the Segmentum Solar in active war against Hive Fleet tendrils where they can be found. It is the Chapter that provides me with my collective personal bodyguard, hardened Scions of the Zulupian Predators Astra Militarum Regiment. I also have at my call the Deathwatch Shield of the Ghost Company lead by Watch Master Eosphoros . The shield is conveniently located deep in the Eastern Fringe and all veterans in the Brotherhood of the Deathwatch Ghost Company have committed their lives to the shield, having forsaken the notion of returning to their chapters. These two standing forces are invaluable resources to me and our relationship is a symbiotic one in nature. I provide them the opportunity to fulfill what fate they have in store for themselves and they provide me the information, resources and defence I need to continue my sacred work. You will get to know them as I have, and will better be able to understand the nature of our vigil here. Until then, be reminded that the Emperor protects and that we assist where we can in the task. I will send out another transmission shortly with more information on the forces I work with and some of their history.

Ave Imperator, Inquisitor Hunter Vuln.


Hello everyone, my name is General Washington but in the 40k wargaming community I go by Inquisitor Vuln. I am a Wargamer from “Nova Yourk” aka New York City. I started tabletop wargaming at the beginning of 8th edition 40k, but I’ve been a fan of Warhammer 40k since I was in middle school.

Though I started in 40k, with the help of friends I expanded into a variety of specialist games including Kill Team, Warhammer 30k Age of Darkness, Battlefleet Heresy Tabletop, and recently I have begun to explore Age of Sigmar and a few AU projects. I am a huge fan of Warhammer 40k/30k setting and I enjoy playing the game as a way to participate in the setting.

The three most important active aspects of the Warhammer wargaming hobby for me are the ability to create a story or narrative on the tabletop, creating your own army that can fit into the overall narrative, and miniature photography. Combining these things resulted in my love for “fluffy” narrative or Open Play games of Warhammer in which I can create an exciting and memorable gaming experience for myself and my opponent, and in which I can take really cool battle pics of our miniatures on the tabletop.

This blog is the result of these three aspects of the hobby that I love. I have decided to make my entire wargaming experience into a series of narratives and it is these narratives that I share with you. Currently I have two narratives. The first is for warhammer 40k called “The Era Leonicine” which is centered around my homebrew chapter, the Void Lions chapter-tribe. The Second is for Warhammer 30k called ” Theictetus of Stone” which chronicles the battles of an Imperial Fists Praetor of the Legion named Theictetus of Stone. Every time I play a game, it adds to the narrative of these armies in a multitude of ways and it is here that I will share them, and many more.

I am not the best writer, but I try my best to make a good story and one that makes sense. For those who read my work, thank you so much, I appreciate your support!

An important note on navigating the blog. This is only the introduction page, however; on the upper right side of the page there is a menu. If you click on that menu, you will see a small list with each of the narratives and writing projects I am working on. From there you can simply click on which one you’d like to read and it will lead you to a portion of the blog committed to it.

I enjoy reading feedback and will try my best to respond to the feedback I receive! If you would like to further support me or get to know me, I also have an Instagram ( Inquisitor.Vuln.40k) a facebook page (Inquisitor Vuln) and a Youtube channel (Inquisitor Vuln). My Youtube channel is not at the level that I’d like it to be, but I have big plans for it and would appreciate your subscription to it!

Thank you for following me on my wargaming journey! The Emperor Protects and the future is successor!

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